Log + Timber + Craftsmanship

A proud Canadian Timber Frame company established in 2005, we build custom log homes and we source, manufacture and install timber frame and log structures for Alberta’s and Western Canada’s commercial and residential sectors. Incorporated in 2005 in the Hamlet of Water Valley, Alberta, Three Trees Contracting has extensive experience with on-site problem solving and’ outside the box’ thinking. We work with both local and foreign timber mills to acquire the most suitable stock for each log home and timber frame project. We approach every project as a one of a kind product.

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Three Trees Contracting - Alberta Log Homes

Custom Log homes

We are a custom log home and timber frame company located in Alberta, Canada. For more than 15 years, we have crafted beautiful log structures that showcase a classic form of construction. Among the oldest styles of construction, log homes lend themselves to the earthy feel and cozy atmosphere sought after by numerous people from all walks of life. From a Canadian Rockies Mountain lodge to a rustic Alberta log cabin by the lake, the sheer presence of massive logs offer a comfort and warmth rarely rivaled by any building style.

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Three Trees Contracting - Alberta Timber Frame Construction

Timber Frame

The essence of our true timber frame is joinery. Typically designed in a post and beam style, Timber Frame employs the use of a variety of joining methods, ranging from simple to very complex, to acquire a rock solid building system that is both warm and elegant. From soaring cathedral ceilings to low pitched rustic spaces and the opportunity to incorporate a variety of finishes, authentic Timber Frame is a draw that few can resist. We begin at our Water Valley Alberta timber frame shop.

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Rafter 7B Projects

Hand Crafted Fine Wood Products

Rafter 7B Projects creates custom, handmade wood products, crafted and finished using the finest selection of indigenous Canadian woods such as Western Red Cedar, Spruce Pine Fir and Western Hemlock. We also use woods sourced internationally from Australia, Africa and Asia. Our products include:

  • Handmade wood furniture
  • Custom interior wood accents
  • Cabinetry
  • Charcuterie boards and Cutting Boards
  • Pergolas, trellises and planters
  • Gazebos
  • And More!

We design and craft each custom piece to your exact specifications and preferences. Our goal is to ensure you love and cherish your finished project for years to come.


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